Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Well of Happiness

     For those of you that don't know, one of my sisters suffered a stroke at the beginning of January. The past few weeks have been very difficult and emotional. For the full details, you are welcome to read my other blog. There is a link on the right hand side of the page towards the top.
     In times of trial, I tend to appreciate small things. Things that might go unnoticed at normal times. Things like... warm socks fresh from the dryer, indoor plumbing, my crock pot, a smile from a stranger, and the feel of a little warm hand in mine. 
     My children are a well of joy to me. When I feel depleted, I just have to dip in my bucket and draw forth a bit of their happiness. Here are a few things that quench my thirst.

     Ian's infectious laugh
Zackary's imagination
Tawni & Beka laughing together as only sister's can
My daughters' blonde moments
Reading a bedtime story to Ian
Hearing Zack serenade an invisible audience in the shower
Beka's hugs
Tawni's testimony
Zack's compassion
Ian tolerating a hug from me
Watching Beka play games with Ian
Watching TV with my girls
Playing Battleship with Zack
Playing Chess with Tawni
Watching Ian do the dishes-
Watching Zack help Ian with the dishes-
Watching the water fight as Zack and Ian do dishes together-
Watching my children mop the floor
The smiles on my older kids faces as they watch Ian playing
Bedtime hugs and kisses
Listening to dreams and comforting heartaches

     As I've watched my kids over the past several weeks, I've come to appreciate them more and more. Today, something about Ian just made me feel warm inside. His sweet face, his smile and laugh, his innocence... I'm not sure what it was really. But today I felt, and still feel, so blessed to be his mom. When I see my kids playing, laughing, and working together, I am filled with joy and every trial becomes bearable, because I have them by my side. 

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Merilee said...

I think I need more of your perspective...